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    Because this blog is new, please read each linked page above (Background, The Start, et al) to get you familiar with my story.

    I sit here and have to chuckle, because there are people that make too big of a deal out of things that aren’t important.  Like, a message board for a roleplay chat room.  -rolls eyes-  There are far more interesting things to get one’s panties worked up in a bunch over.

    Well, I ordered a new pedometer.  Of course, I know that I will find my lost buddy now for sure, but, I look at it as … I will have a back up buddy in case one of them decides to poof again to pedometer-nirvana, or wherever it has vanished to.  Hopefully, I’ll get it within a couple of days.

    I’ve lost another 5 pounds, which has me dancing happy.  Only 6 more pounds to be out of the 200s! I’ve already met the goal my doctor set for me before we meet again in December. I have a different goal that I hope to make before that date.

    I even indulged last week and had a southwestern grilled chicken salad from McDonalds.  I haven’t eaten at McD’s in … a long long time. The salad was delicious, and even with the dressing, was under 500 calories for a very fulfilling meal. 

    I spent over two hours at the gym yesterday, and I feel … great.  A good hour was spent in the weight circuits, always starting off with 30-40 minutes on the bike.  I nudged up the level starting yesterday as well; the lowest level is just not effective enough for me.  After a good hour, maybe a bit more than that, of sweating off the calories, the weight circuit near-empty so I was able to do a complete overall body workout, I headed to the swimming pool … which was pretty crowded.  At least there were no children coming for swim class anymore, so it allowed for the full pool to be used.  I swam and worked out in the pool for another hour before heading to the showers and then to the grocery story before heading home.

    Tony has lost weight, too, not that he particularly needed to.  I’ve tried to get him to come hang out with me at the gym one weekend day, but he doesn’t like gyms.  I can’t blame him, really, because I honestly would prefer to have my own personal home gym, a room set aside like I once had before, and a private swimming pool to boot.  Maybe, when we win the lottery.  -chuckles-  Until then, I’m stuck stowing away my stuff in a locker amidst a bunch of naked Chinese ladies.

    I’ve read a lot of complaints the other day about Bally’s, but frankly, it has me scratching my head at the denseness of some people.  There were some about bad conditions at specific clubs, but most were complaints from people that they didn’t know they were signing a contract?  Um, I mean, if you’re going to sign something, don’t you want to know WHAT you are signing before you sign?  Don’t you bother to READ before you sign? Ask questions?  There was one complaint that was a bit frightening, though whether or not it was true is another matter; the complaint was regarding a club in Manhattan, in which the person alledged that all of the employees had access to personal files and she was now being stalked.

    Bally’s didn’t get an easy sale from me.  Not only did I demand a complete tour, especially of the locker room and shower room, to determine the cleanliness of the gym, but I didn’t agree to a sale right away. It was several months down the road that I signed and then I sat there and read the entire thing before I did sign, and I was met not with annoyance but rather with respect.  When the girl came in to do the contract, and put my personal information on the computer, I asked her pointedly who had access to that information, and was assured that only herself, the other account specialist and the general manager did.  I wrote their names on my copy of the contract as she watched and then made HER sign to that effect.  In this age of identity theft, it’s always best to be proactive in such things rather than later discover you’ve been victimized.

    After this week, pushing myself now up that higher level at the bike, and perhaps trying to get in a half hour minimum of swimming and pool workout on either a Tuesday or Thursday night, I’m considering pushing to add a fourth day to my workout schedule.  Already, I go Tuesdays and Thursdays after work, and either Saturday or Sunday morning. 

    Live and enjoy life…

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