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    At least for me, the following have not only been essential — but successful.

    The DOs!

    • Boarshead Ovengold Turkey is basically fat free, with little sodium and barely any calories. YUM. It’s also quite delicious. 
    • Boarshead Muenster Cheese is light in calories and fat.
    • Carbs. You HAVE to have carbs for your body to function right, especially to keep up your stamina when physically active, such as exercise. The key is eating the right carbs.  Pasta is fine and dandy; just no mountains of spaghetti on a single plate. Moderation is the key.
    • Cheerios is low in calories, almost no sugar; it’s childhood in a bunch of “O” shapes.  Take the Cheerios Challenge!
    • Digital Scale.  This was one of my best investments; it wasn’t that expensive, and I made sure to get a good one that weighed accurately; or rather, it weighs in equal to the physicians’ scales.  I did this for the purpose of not being shocked or dismayed when the physicians’ scales and my home scales were way off.
    • Journalize.  Keep some sort of record of your caloric intakes and exercies. There are several available for free online.
    • Lean Cuisine.  They make the tastiest frozen dinners that I have found female cialis online. The sodium content is not overwhelmingly bad like many of the other brands either, and offer a wide variety of palate-tempting delights.  Most of the meals are less than 300 calories each, the pizzas being 330-370 calories on average; my favorite meal being the Butternut Squash.  Personally, I’ve found all of them quite filling.
    • Pedometer.  It keeps me updated on how sedentary I can be and motivates me to push harder.
    • Pita Bread instead of regular bread as much as possible, though a sandwich or some toast occasionally of preferably wheat or other grain bread is fine as well.
    • SimplyOrange orange juice is like biting into an orange with no other additives and not from concentrate. 
    • Slim Fast Snack bars; my favorite is the chocolate nougat.
    • Water.  I especially love the Dasani flavored waters; no calories in them.  Water helps sate the appetite as well.

    The DON’Ts

    • NO Sodas.  Nope!  Even diet sodas, which is all I’ve ever drank for years now, but even these I vowed to stay away from, except on rare occasion.  Sodas are just bad for you, even diet sodas, and don’t really quench the thirst, but rather cause you to crave eating!
    • NO EATING AFTER 7:00 P.M.!  It’s proven that late night eating settles on your system and doesn’t have that chance to be worked off in normal activity.  Allowing a cut-off time early provides that chance to properly digest your food and allow your body to process the fats and calories.