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    Once upon a time, I thought 53 was old.

    Now?  I know for a fact it is.

    Except that … I don’t want to be old, and so, I don’t consider myself old and I do everything UN old that I can.

    So, I got some new goodies for my birthday; or rather, one in particular that I just love.  Tony got me a Kindle!  Now, perhaps we won’t be buried under thousands of books… Though of course, there will be books that I buy the actual book rather than an electronic version.

    Displeased with the Yamax pedometer, I thought I lost it last Saturday after I returned home from the gym.  Perhaps it sensed I didn’t like it and sought its escape.  I thought maybe … there was a chance it fell off around my car and would (ha ha) still be there.  A slight chance it fell off IN the car.  I ordered a new one, an Omron like the first one I lost flagyl metronidazole.  Of course, a couple of hours later, I found the Yamax in my car. 

    I got the Omron today, so tomorrow, I’m going to wear BOTH … and see which one is the most accurate.  I already know which one is the most comfortable.

    Today is Tony’s birthday; he’s quite pleased with the super nice widescreen flatscreen monitor I bought him.  It’s … nice.  Better by far than mine.  But, it makes no sense to get myself a new one; my current flat screen works great.

    For our birthday, Tony took me out to dinner at Red Lobster.  You betcha I went way over my calorie limit.  I had to have a Margarita. Just one.

    It was well worth it.

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