• 14 Oct 2008 /  Moving Forward, Pedometers

    So, okay, I decided to be a dork one day and wear both the Yamax and the Omron pedometers at the same time.  I did this for two days in a row, the first being an average day of get up, go to work, come home, walk the dog and neglecting my calisthenics, and the second being my average day of get up, go to work, go to the health club and work out, come home, walk the dog and then relax. 

    The first day, the pedometers were right on with each other. So, they’re both equal in their accuracy. 

    It was on the second day, however, that proved which was most valuable to me.  The answer?

    The Omron.

    The Omron and Yamax were in sync up to the point that I reached the health club. The Yamax didn’t record any of my efforts there, while the Omron did record my exercising as well. 

    So, now the Yamax sits in a drawer as a back up should I lose my new Omron http://viagrasstore.net/generic-viagra/.

    I’ve been really bad the past couple of weeks, and what’s more, is that I know I’ve been bad, and know when I’m about to be bad, but … I still do it. Then I give myself a lecture on why that was dumb and make myself repentent … only to be bad again.  It was getting sick that did it; it got me out of rhythm and now, I have to get back into it.

    I’m thinking of buying myself a really cute size 14 … something.  Hang it up to display it with a note saying, “And YOU! could wear THIS! if you be good!”

  • 02 Oct 2008 /  Moving Forward, Pedometers

    I don’t much like this new Pedometer; I miss my Omron.

    While I like that it’s got a cover that you keep closed, so that wearing the pedometer doesn’t look like you’re wearing a pedometer if you don’t want to, there are problems I’ve encountered. 

    One problem with the new pedometer is that you have to be so very exact in how you wear it in order for it to count your steps.  The bigger problem is the clip; it’s not very accomodating. 

    With my Omrom, I could clip it to my underwear and thusly keep it hidden away while I’m at work, or out and about in the world and not wanting to advertise that I’m wearing a pedometer.  I tried this with the Yamax, and for some odd reason, it doesn’t register the steps taken.  The Omron had a nice large clip with the arm device much like a clothespin, so I was able to clip it over things like a leather belt I would wear with certain slacks or over thick workout clothes.  The clip on the Yamax is very tight, with no arm device, and you can’t clip it to anything thick. In fact, it warns you not to (the reason I see is that the clip will most likely break).  The painful problem with the Yamax is the small safety clip that you attach to another item of clothing in the event the pedometer slips, the leashed safety clip will prevent you from losing it.  That clip is very painfully sharp.  The safety clip on the Omron was smooth and gentle.

    I bought myself a few new things last night.  I am now officially in a size 16 again.  I am happy dancing.

  • 18 Sep 2008 /  Moving Forward, Pedometers

    Because this blog is new, please read each linked page above (Background, The Start, et al) to get you familiar with my story.

    Okay, not reunited specifically, but I got my new pedometer.  I really like it.  It’s a Yamex Digi-Walker, and one of the top pedometers out there.  It has some features that I don’t particularly like over my lost Omron, but it’s much more accurate.

    I read an article today that I’d like to share regarding “Treadmill Desks.”  These are, quite simply, treadmills that have a desk set up, in which the worker can walk their way to health, while typing on their computer, etc.  Though the article talks about a person doing this 8 hours a day, uh … I’d go for it for maybe a couple of hours a day. Tops.  Here’s the link:


    I’ve been in a big salad craving mood this past almost couple of weeks.  It was that salad I had from McDonalds that started it all.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  I’ve just gotten more inventive on putting together a nice salad, and sprang one of my creations on Tony last night.  It had the usual lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chopped spanish onion, a few spanish olives, and a hard boiled egg.  But, for an added taste, I sauteed mushrooms and chopped red onion in extra virgin olive oil and piled this atop the cold salad. Yum! And I’m hooked on raspberry vinaigrette, my new addiction.  The store brand where I shop, I find tastes the best, with far less junk in it, including fat and calories, so I can be decadently liberal and free of guilt.