On a Personal Note


About These Pages

My oldest section, The Rattt Trap, were recently redesigned. In addition to a new look, new items were also added. Changes are still underway in The Rattt Trap so be sure to check back often.

Due to interest expressed, I will be revitalizing my e-newsletter entitled The Back Fence. The Back Fence has been the newsletter of Moon Productions, mostly on a personal note, for many years, and not available in an online format. However, due to the ever-increasing costs of postage, the newsletter has been on the back burner for some time as an active online newsletter.

One of my great enjoyments is reading, especially in the science fiction gender. Therefore, I've devoted a section on Science Fiction and Fantasy; the worlds themselves, as well as the authors who created them.


A Fresh Change

In order to make navigation of all of my pages more practical, this Personal section will contain non-business information. A lot of changes are coming in this section!

Dormant for too long, and tired of looking at the same thing, I've been practicing new techniques and working up fresh ideas for these pages. I even started a blog some time ago, though I kept it hidden away. I used it mostly as a means of writing down my thoughts to incorporate into e-mails. My personal blog is now available for viewing, though I don't have it set up like a blog one would make at for example. My professional pages will soon have its own blog, and for that I'll be setting up a PHP based blog.