Disclaimers and Rules

Disclaimer Regarding My Opinions and Views Posted

Everything posted on this blog are my personal views, thoughts and opinions.

It is not my intent to offend, but simply to offer a different perspective and perhaps clear up some questioning of my commitment and love of Gor.    It is never my intention when I make a post to offend anyone; I certainly don’t like to be offended and it’s just not my style to treat others with such disregard.

To me, just as you can no more paint the world with a broad stroke of a brush and say that every person is the same, neither can you do so with their opinions, perceptions, beliefs and idealisms.  That is what makes each person unique and special.  Each person harbors that basic undeniable human right to possess them, for that is what makes each person, molds them into their being.  Some turn out all right, some not so all right; God is still working on me.

I also feel that you cannot judge a person; simply by the reasoning that no person is God.  But mostly, because people perceive other people differently.

Often I have heard talk of a certain person as being a terrible person, but once I got to know them, realized they were not terrible, just shared different views than that of my other friends.

Too, you can’t like everyone and vice versa; that is human nature.  But just because you or someone else doesn’t like another person, it doesn’t make them a bad person.  Ironically, people often will speak highly of serial killers, “He was such a nice man” “He was such a quiet, gentle person” with the great concensus formed by peers that thought they knew that person as a generally good person.  I recently read a book about the “BTK Killer” of Wichita, Kansas, a man that took over thirty years to catch. He was a man who was able to remarkably fit within the normal world, compartmentalizing himself to keep separate one life from his secret life.

Just as we humans err, our judgments too can be just as erroneous.  Too, within a group of two people, concerning recounts of experiences and so forth, there are three sides:  person one, person two and the absolute truth.

It is for that reason, that I don’t accept the accolades or negative comments of others as biblical, but rather seek to form my own opinions of people by talking with them and getting to know them.  I like to be proven wrong about an initial perception, at least in the good way, and often I have. -smiles-