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    Okay, not reunited specifically, but I got my new pedometer.  I really like it.  It’s a Yamex Digi-Walker, and one of the top pedometers out there.  It has some features that I don’t particularly like over my lost Omron, but it’s much more accurate.

    I read an article today that I’d like to share regarding “Treadmill Desks.”  These are, quite simply, treadmills that have a desk set up, in which the worker can walk their way to health, while typing on their computer, etc.  Though the article talks about a person doing this 8 hours a day, uh … I’d go for it for maybe a couple of hours a day. Tops.  Here’s the link:


    I’ve been in a big salad craving mood this past almost couple of weeks.  It was that salad I had from McDonalds that started it all.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  I’ve just gotten more inventive on putting together a nice salad, and sprang one of my creations on Tony last night.  It had the usual lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chopped spanish onion, a few spanish olives, and a hard boiled egg.  But, for an added taste, I sauteed mushrooms and chopped red onion in extra virgin olive oil and piled this atop the cold salad. Yum! And I’m hooked on raspberry vinaigrette, my new addiction.  The store brand where I shop, I find tastes the best, with far less junk in it, including fat and calories, so I can be decadently liberal and free of guilt.

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